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If you want to have an overview of the beauties of Romania, please have a look at the video below, provided by the Romanian ministry of Tourism:

Before checking our properties for sale in Romania, you will find below some information to learn more about Romania:

1. Romania in a few Facts and Figures
2. How to travel to Romania from the UK?
3. How to journey around in Romania?

1. Romania in a few Facts and Figures

 Geographical position

South-Eastern part of Central Europe, in the Northern part of Balkan Peninsula, inside and outside of the Carpathians Mountains, on the Danube lower course, bordering the Black Sea

Romania in Europe (16K)

 Geographical Assets

Romania is at the junction of three prospective European transportation systems:
- Well-developed networks of mobile telecommunications in GSM systems;
- Skilled labor force, with solid knowledge in technology, IT and engineering;
- Rich natural resources, including fertile agricultural land, oil and gas;

Constanta is the largest port on the Black Sea and the completion of the Rhine-Main-Danube canal provides uninterrupted water access from the Black Sea to the North Sea).

Geographical map of Romania (162K)


391 sq km: 13th in Europe, 80th in the world


21,794,793 (July 2002)
Urbanization 54.6% (ranked 26th in Europe and 74th in the world)

 Ethnic Structure

Romanians 89.47%
Hungarians 7.12%
Roma 1.76%
Other ethnic groups 1.65%


Temperate continental, with slight ocean influence in the West, Mediterranean in the South/West and excessively continental in the North/East.

Today's weather in Bucharest:

 Legal Holidays

January 1 and 2 (New Year), Easter Monday, May Day, December 1 (National Day), December 25 and 26 (Christmas)

 Official Language


 Administrative divisions

41 counties
265 towns (93 of which are municipalities)
2,686 communes (with 13,092 villages)

 Legislative Power

Legal system: Parliamentary republic; a new constitution was adopted in 1991 and amended in 2003
The Parliament of Romania (with 485 members in the 2000-2004 legislature)
Featuring two chambers:
- the Senate of Romania (140 members)
- the Chamber of Deputies (345 members) .

 Executive Power

Prime Minister - Calin Popescu Tariceanu
The Government of Romania (27 Members)
The Supreme Court of Justice and other courts of law
The Public Ministry
Major political parties.

 Standard Time

Eastern European zone time GMT +2 hours
Daylight saving time GMT +3 hours from March to October



NATO member with forces in Afghanistan and Iraq. Forces are undergoing downsizing and reform.


Romanian Macroeconomic Indicators

Source: Romanian Agency for Foreign Investment

  MU 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005
GDP growth % 2.1 5.7 5 4.9 8.3 4.1
Industrial output growth % 7.1 8.4 6 3.1 4.3 2.5
Final consumption % 1.4 6.3 2.4 6.9 10.2 8.5
Gross Fixed Capital Formation % 5.5 10.1 8.2 9.2 10.1 13
Foreign direct investments Euro mill 1147 1294 1212 1946 5183 5197
Employment Thou. pers 4623 4619 4568 4591 4420 4704
Unemployment Thou. pers 1007 827 827 659 558 523
Unemployment Rate % 10.5 8.8 8.4 7.4 6.3 5.9

You will find below some additional resources about Romania:
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2. How to travel to Romania from the UK?

Romanian Properties Ltd will be happy to arrange your trip (flights and accomodation) and to organise viewings of the properties for sale in our portfolio.
Direct flights from the United Kingdom to Romania take around 3 hours.
You will find below a selection of airlines which fly from the United Kingdom to Romania:

British Airways

British Airways operates daily flights from Heathrow Airport to Bucharest.

London Heathrow 18:20 Bucharest Otopeni 23:35
Bucharest Otopeni 08:35 London Heathrow 10:00

London Heathrow 09:40 Bucharest Otopeni 14:50
Bucharest Otopeni 15:40 London Heathrow 17:15


Tarom is the national airline of Romania, with its main base at Otopeni Airport, Bucharest.
Tarom operates a daily flight from Heathrow Airport to Bucharest.

London Heathrow 12:30 Bucharest Otopeni 17:45
Bucharest Otopeni 10:00 London Heathrow 11:30

Other Airlines

Please also check the following airlines. These companies fly from the United Kingdom to Romania with one possible transfer in another city in Europe:

Lufthansa       Swiss Airline       KLM       CSA       BMI       Malev       Alitalia       Air France

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3. How to journey around in Romania?

Travelling around Romania is easy and inexpensive.


Several bus companies offer fast and inexpensive connections between Romania's main cities.


Taxis are available in every city and larger towns in Romania. Authorized taxis can be recognized by the TAXI sign on the roof.
Taxi tariffs are very cheap compared to Western-European standards.

Car rental

Car is the best way to visit Romania. Most major international auto rental companies and several local companies offer cars in the major cities and airports.


Romania has a well-developed railway network that covers the whole country. Trains are very good value for money and generally on time.

Domestic flights

There are several scheduled domestic flights connecting cities within Romania which are operated by CarpatAir and Tarom.
CarpatAir has hubs in Timisoara and Cluj.
Tarom operates domestic flights between Bucharest and several cities in Romania.