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Brasov airport: new international airport by 2009

Brasov airport

An international airport with an annual capacity of one million passengers will be constructed in two years, at the most, in the central locality of Ghimbav, close to the city of Brasov. The investment will total 100m euros. The registration act of the company International Airport Brasov Ghimbav was signed last week at the Brasov County Council. The works are likely to start in 2007 and will take 18 months. “The airport, having a capacity of one million passengers a year, is designed for the landing and take-off of medium size aircraft,” said Ioan Toma, representative of the Canadian company
“Intelcan,” holder of 64.3 per cent of the airport’s administration company. Both the passenger and the cargo terminals will have a modular structure, allowing further extension in the coming years. The airport will cover 65 hectares that were made available by the purchased of the lands placed at the Canadian Company Intelcan Technosystems Inc. disposal. This one is also the majority shareholder of the company that will administer the Brasov-Ghimbav International Airport, holding 64.3 percent of the shares. Other stakeholders include Brasov County (20 percent), the city of Brasov (10 percent), and Covasna and Harghita counties as well as the city of Ghimbav, which each hold a five percent stake.
According to a decision of the Brasov County Council, Intelcan is responsible for implementing the project for a fixed cost of 76 million euros within 18 months from the time works begin. Moreover, the Canadian company is responsible for obtaining the necessary financing. Intelcan will operate the future airport together with Ottawa International Airport. Local authorities from the three counties will coordinate infrastructure and utilities works for the airport. The airport location was chosen due to the local economic development and the need for companies to ship export goods by air.

Brasov airport locationMoreover, the distance from Brasov to other international airports in Romania is relatively far.
Intelcan is a world leader in air traffic management systems and has clients in 60 countries. On Monday, 14th November 2005, the papers were signed for the turning up of the administration society for the new Airport in Brasov. A delegation of IntelCan Company, managed by its president, Mr. Roland Weinsberger, arrived in Brasov on 14th November in order to sign up the papers for turning up the administration society for the Airport in Brasov. For the 1st phase, the Canadians will
own 51% and the District Council will own 49%. The president of DC Brasov, Aristotel Cancescu announced that, after a while, they will make over part of the stocks to the District Council from Harghita and Covasna or to the Local Council Ghimbav. Cancescu also underlined that, at the moment, Brasov needs a medium airport, the costs being estimated at 100 million dollars. Mr. Cancescu affirmed that they would lend the necessary money without governmental, district or
local guarantees. The expectations are to start the works for the airport by the end of his mandate and to be over by 2009, as the Canadians say.

Date posted: December 12, 2007