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George Iacobescu, CEO Canary Wharf believes Romania can become regional centre

George Iacobescu, one of the Romanians with the best position in a company from abroad, CEO of Canary Wharf of London, the second business
centre from the UK after the City of Lndon, told daily Ziarul Financiar that in the next five years the number of British companies on the Romanian market will go up 5 times, following the improvement of the perception of foreign investors.

George Iacobescu, born in 1945, left Romania when he was 33 years old. After several experiences in Canada and the United States in 1987 he settled in London where he began the development of business centre Canary Wharf, the second largest in Europe, after the City of London.

According to Iacobescu, at the same time with the rise in the business of South-Eastern Europe, Romania has the best position to become regional centre of money management.

Date posted: July 9, 2008