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Low-cost air companies in Romania double passenger number

Low-cost air companies in Romania doubled their passenger number in 2006, the national Rompres news agency reported on Monday.

MyAir Romania representative Antonio Iervolino thinks that low- cost flights are likely going to replace bus transports because a travel by bus may take a three-day journey instead a 2-3 hour flight at a much smaller price.

There are four low-cost companies on the Romanian market, Blue Air, Wizz Air, MyAir and Sky Europe, whereas other low-cost air companies such as Easy Jet, Ryan Air, Air Berlin, German Wings announced their entrance on the market in the upcoming years.

A return flight with a low-cost company, with all taxes included, can even cost below 150 euros, whereas a return journey by bus seldom costs below 200 euros.

Date posted: January 3, 2007