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Minimum wage in Romania

The gross minimum wage will soon be increased by 670 lei (about 150 euros) to 700 lei (about 160 euros), said yesterday the President of the Confederation of Democratic Trade Unions of Romania (CSDR), Iacob Baciu

This statement was made at the end of a tripartite meeting attended by the Prime Minister and representatives of labor and management. M. Baciu said the prime minister, Emil Boc, had promised the unions that this minimum could be upgraded in the first part of next year if the European economic situation will stabilize. Initially, the unions had requested that the minimum wage is 1,000 lei (about 430 euros) in 2012 and were willing to negotiate up to 800 lei (about 180 euros). This claim was reiterated by the trade union confederation Cartel Alfa in a letter sent yesterday to the Prime Minister.

Date posted: December 7, 2011