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Quiet departure of Nokia from Cluj

The departure of the giant mobile phone company from Romania was received calmly by the workers and trade unionists. The social impact of this closure, however, could appear in a few months

No strike, no lock, no boycott. The last days of operation of the plant of Nokia Jucu were very quiet in terms of the social impact of its closure. The Finnish giant in fact leaves behind nearly 2,000 unemployed people. Some compensatory wages, a Christmas bonus of two hundred lei (about 50 euros) and a free phone: workers seem satisfied with their lot. “This is the first time a company pays me even after closing! We can not even say when they leave us with nothing,” joked Mary, who worked from the beginning in this factory. Good response was different from that of the German workers in Bochum, four years ago, when the company had announced its departure for Romania. At the time, this relocation had raised the indignation of the whole of Germany which had taxed Nokia 20 million euros extra. Today, the Jucu plant, which last year posted a profit of 43 million euros, will be relocated to Vietnam. And unions understand … “I do not want to be counsel for the company, but Nokia is in a difficult economic situation. How could you prevent them from leaving?” Said Valentin Ilcas, President of one of the two unions allowed in the factory.

Date posted: December 5, 2011