Property in Romania

Romanian county wants to buy back “Dracula’s Castle”

Romania’s Brasov county council is seeking a ten-year loan from an Austrian bank to buy back a medieval Transylvanian fortress, known as “Dracula’s Castle”, from the descendants of the country’s former royal family of Habsburg.
The current owners — Dominic von Habsburg, an industrial designer who lives in New York, and his sisters Elisabeth Sandhofer and Maria-Magdalena Holzhausen, who both reside in Austria — have demanded 60m euros for the real estate, officially called Bran Castle.
“We want to get involved in getting back the castle and running it because it would be a very good opportunity to further develop tourism,” the president of the Brasov County Council, Aristotel Cancescu, said on Monday (January 8th). “The costs are minor compared to what we might obtain. In order to buy the castle, the County Council will pay in the first two years 2.7m euros, and the rest up to 60m euros will be paid through a loan.”

Date posted: January 3, 2007