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The Danube Delta

The Danube River springs from the Black Forest Mountains and crosses the entirety of Europe before ending its 2860 kilometre journey in the Black Sea. The delta formed by the branching of the Danube into 3 main branches, Chilia, Sulina and Sfantul Gheorghe, truly is a natural paradise. This incredible area of water and land has been designated by UNESCO as the largest wetland reserve in Europe, covering a surface area of 2,861 square meters. The delta is an exotic land with more than 1200 species of plant life and the richest ornithological fauna on the continent, comprising over 300 species including many unique pelican colonies. Ichthyological fauna is represented by over 100 species, among which the Danube herring and sturgeon are the most notable. On Letea grind there is a forest widely considered to be the world’s northernmost rainforest.

The starting point for a trip in the Delta is usually the city of Tulcea. Here there are modern hotels and also a unique floating hotel fitted with air conditioning, showers and toilets, a bar and restaurant. The floating hotel can dock in picturesque locations that can serve as a base for smaller boat trips in the delta. The advantage of the floating hotel is clearly apparent as it provides mobility to differing locations while still offering all the comforts of a hotel room. There are various tourist itineraries on offer for excursions into the delta.Every week one can embark on kayak tours with local fishermen. One can go on a photo-safari or can embark on an adventure program where the only supplies taken are those which will satisfy basic needs: knife, matches, first-aid kit, line and compass. These trips allow for the participants to lead the expedition under the supervision of experienced expedition guides. For fishing lovers 6-7 day programs are available which include full board accomodation, transportation, all inclusive services, specialized guides, fishing instruments, lures and baits. The fish dishes found in the kitchens of the delta are delicious and served with exquisite Romanian wines. The journey from Bucharest to Tulcea can be made by car or train and typically takes about 4 hours.

Date posted: May 22, 2008