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Bucuresti, Zona Mosila, Strada Zece Mese 17,
Selling price : 300 000 €
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Description :

Living space : 380 m²
Land space : 240 m²
Number of rooms : 8
Number of floors : 3
Number of bathrooms : 4

The Villa, built in 1930, is sold in a very good condition and has 100 sqm/level-a solid, located in between the central area of villas, bests elegance, rich in major administrative centers, cultural, shopping and business.

The thickness of the walls is 50 cm. The building has no problems with structure, is not registered with any seismic risk, was checked by specialists before Interior renovation in 2008.

The Villa is composed mainly of two apartments (one downstairs and one upstairs) with separate entrances, connected through a service entrance, which leads to the attic and basement. Each apartment consists of a living room, 2 bedrooms, a kitchen, a bathroom and a toilet of a service. Upstairs apartment has 2 balconies added. In addition, the building has a basement composed of 2 speakers and a technical room and a 4th level loft, partially-partially-bridge, where it would be able to arrange a third apartment, spectacular.

Property updated on: 27 March 2015

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