Property investment Romania: 10 Reasons to Buy in Romania

If you are looking for an investment with a high return or if you want to buy a property to spend some relaxing time in, here are 10 reasons why you should buy a property in Romania:


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If you cannot see the document above, here are the 10 reasons why purchasing a property for investment purposes in Romania will give you a high return on investment:

1. Attractive low prices of properties in Romania
Despite the continuous rise of the prices of real estate properties, the market in Romania offers still the most attractive investment opportunities among all other countries in the EU.

Statistics for the last two years show that prices for both land and homes have doubled in some areas and specialists assume the market will follow the same course in the next five to ten years.

2. The European integration of Romania
Romania became a full member of NATO in 2004 and joined the European Union on January 1st 2007. The country will also introduce the euro as an official currency. This major change will inevitably lead to a comparative "evening out" of prices in Romania compared to the rest of the European countries. People who have invested in Romania, especially the ones who have made investments in real estate, will benefit from the significant increase of the real estate prices and collect good profit if they decide to sell their properties.

3. Attractive tourist destination
Romania is increasingly becoming known and praised as a tourist destination. The interest in Romania by foreigners continuously rises, especially in the last few years when certain important socio-economic and political changes were made. Most of Romania's famous winter and summer tourist destinations offer facilities to European and international standards.

4. Location

Bucharest is only 3 hours away from London by air. The transport infrastructure is developing rapidly: the opening of new airports and the improvement of the road network is helped notably by European subventions and will have a strong impact on the property investment in Romania.

Wizzair has opened an new line between London Luton and Bucharest which will help investors travel to Transylvania.

5. Foreign companies are already investing

2007 saw the highest foreign investment level ever and this trend continues. A rise in direct foreign investment allows more jobs to be created, increases transfer of technology and offers training to the labour force. Further more it results in a greater competitiveness on the international market, influences a rise in exports and encourages businesses to produce results that can be subject to profit taxes. With an increase in profit taxes reinvestment in infrastructure projects, education, health-care and other social programs can be carried out.

6. Healthy climate
Visitors do not experience any acclimatization difficulties when they travel to Romania. There are more than 300 sunny days per year throughout the country. The average temperature from April throughout September is 23C.

7. Traditions and food
Romania is a country with thousands of years of history, an heir to ancient cultures. It is famous with its rich historical, archaeological and architectural heritage, which includes village mounds, fortress cities, incredible architectural and sculptural works, many monasteries and villages with unique architecture. 

Romanian cooking is rich, tasty and substantial, as befits a country were all food is still naturally grown and where fruits and vegetables follow their normal season.

Traditional Romanian Dishes

8. Great Romanian Hospitality
Romanians are warm and hearty people, renowned for their hospitality to foreigners, famous for their respect and good will toward their guests and visitors.

9. Extremely varied landscape
The rich, varied beauty of our nature is awesome and rare; there are mountains with different specificity and modern ski resorts; there is the Black sea with its sunny beaches and amazing holiday resorts; hundreds of mysterious caves, as well as the numerous natural mineral springs known for their healing properties since ancient times, attract tourists from all over the world; beautiful rivers and waterfalls, phenomenal rock formations, national parks and sanctuaries for natural wild life as well as many other fabulous attractions will make Romania one of the most sought after tourist destination as well as a country widely praised for its natural treasures.

10. Lower cost of living - Property investment Romania
The living cost in Romania is one of the lowest ones compared with all other European countries. Most services and products here are more than 50% cheaper than their European equivalents.